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Dom Pedro Aquamarine
Bernd Munsteiner's workshop

The Dom Pedro aquamarine. Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Institution.

The Dom Pedro Aquamarine exists today because of one thing—passion—passion from a great gem dealer, passion from a creative gem artist, and passion from a serious gem collector. This type of passion combined with knowledge, vision, talent, and the desire to preserve and share the wonders of nature is why the Dom Pedro is on display today at the Smithsonian Institution.

The Dom Pedro—the world’s largest faceted aquamarine gem at 10,363 carats—is now on exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History. The "baby," as the Dom Pedro is referred to by the group that made it all happen, has had a long journey, but it is now "home" at the Smithsonian where they all hoped it would be.

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from Brazil to Germany to the Smithsonian »

See it now

The Dom Pedro is now on exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Plan your visit today!

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