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Department of Mineral Sciences

Izalco Volcano

The high-pressure laboratory is equipped with piston-cylinder and diamond anvil cell (DAC) capabilities. We employ a 250-ton end-loaded piston cylinder press (Rockland Research) capable of achieving pressures relevant to planetary mantles on samples up to several cubic millimeters in size (up to 4 gigapascals and 2600°C). A second piston-cylinder will be installed in 2018. The rig includes a pressure-holding system and both ½” and ¾” pressure vessels.

We have six symmetric diamond anvil cells capable of achieving pressers in excess of a megabar (corresponding to the depth of Earth’s metallic core). The laboratory hosts all the necessary auxiliary equipment (diamonds of various culet sizes, gasket material, WC and CBN seats, EDM drilling, ruby fluorescence (confocal Raman coming spring 2018), microscopes, needles etc…) for diamond cell loading. Laser-heating is performed off site at user facilities or through collaborations.

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