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The Jarosewich microbeam reference materials.


Largely because of the work of Eugene Jarosewich, reference samples for microbeam analysis have been characterized and distributed worldwide. As of 2002, 750 requests totaling about 11,000 samples have been made. Although not technically standards, these reference materials are referred to as the Smithsonian Microbeam Standards (SMS). A short history of the SMS by Gene (Jarosewich 2002) and other publications relating to these materials can be found at the links and reference below.

Availability and standard materials requests.

The Smithsonian Microbeam Standards are available free of charge. The Smithsonian Institution Department of Mineral Sciences should be acknowledged in any publication in which the standard materials have been used. Refer to the materials in publications by the letters NMNH or USNM (as listed) followed by the catalog number (example: NMNH 137041). Because there is a limited quantity of each standard, please request only materials required for your study. Some materials are in short supply and will become unavailable in the future.

To request reference materials, fill out the SMS Availability and Request Form and e-mail the completed form to Tim Rose. If you have additional questions, contact Tim Rose or Leslie Hale of the Department of Mineral Sciences. You will be required to sign, date and return the indicated copy of the shipping invoice to the Smithsonian Institution acknowledging receipt of the materials.


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Zircon, NMNH 117288. [Full Text]