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Izalco Volcano

Smithsonian Microbeam Standards Data Sheets

We have compiled data sheets for the SMS that include compositional information along with other characteristics compiled from published and internal investigations. The sheets are meant to be working documents. We would be happy to add any published or anecdotal information you may have found in the course of working with these reference materials. Trace element data and any deviation from the composition listed on the sheets are of particular interest to the community at large. Please send this information to Tim Rose or Cathleen Brown .

In addition to the data sheets, you can downloand table 1 from Jarosewich et al (1980) as an Excel file. Be sure to consult the data sheets below for complete information about compositions and impurities.

Sample name Museum number Other number Datasheet
Anorthite, Great Sitkin Island, AL NMNH 137041  
Anorthoclase, Kakanui, New Zealand NMNH 133868  
Apatite, (Fluor, CaF), Durango, Mexico NMNH 104021  
Augite, Kakanui, New Zealand NMNH 122142  
Augite, (Cr), Ney County Nevada NMNH 164905  
Benitoite, San Benito County, CA NMNH 86539  
Calcite, Unknown locality NMNH 136321  
Chromite, Tiebaghi Mine, New Caledonia NMNH 117075  
Corundum, synthetic NMNH 135602  
Diopside, Natural Bridge, NY NMNH 117733  
Dolomite, Oberdorf Austria NMNH R10057  
Fayalite, Rockport, MA NMNH 85276  
Gahnite, Brazil NMNH 145883  
Garnet, Roberts Victor Mine, South Africa NMNH 87375  
Glass, Basaltic, VG-2, Juan de Fuca Ridge NMNH 111240-52 VG-2
Glass, Basaltic, A-99, Makaopuhi Lava Lake, HI NMNH 113498-1 A-99
Glass, Basaltic, SE Indian Ocean NMNH 113716-1  
Glass, Rhyolitic, VG-568, Yellowstone Nat. Park, WY NMNH 72854 VG-568
Glass, Reference “A” NMNH 117218-4  
Glass, Reference “B” NMNH 117218-1  
Glass, Reference “C” NMNH 117218-2  
Glass, Reference “D” NMNH 117218-3  
Glass, IR-V NMNH 117083  
Glass, IR-W NMNH 117084  
Glass, IR- X NMNH 117085  
Glass, Tektite, synthetic USNM 2213  
Hornblende, Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica NMNH 111356  
Hornblende, Kakanui, New Zealand NMNH 143965  
Hypersthene, Johnstown meteorite USNM 746  
Ilmenite, Ilmen Mnts., USSR NMNH 96189  
Magnetite, Minas Gerais, Brazil NMNH 114887  
Microcline, location unknown NMNH 143966  
Olivine, San Carlos, AZ NMNH 111312-44  
Olivine, Springwater meteorite USNM 2566  
Omphacite, Roberts Victor Mine, South Africa NMNH 110607  
Osumilite, Nain, Labrador NMNH 143967  
Plagioclase (Labradorite) Lake County, OR NMNH 115900  
Pyrope, Kakanui, New Zealand NMNH 143968  
Quartz, Hot Springs, AR NMNH R17701  
Scapolite (Meionite), Brazil NMNH R6600  
Siderite, Ivigtut, Greenland NMNH R2460  
Strontianite, Oberdorf, Austria NMNH R10065  
Zircon NMNH 117288-3  
CePO4 NMNH 168484  
DyPO4 NMNH 168485  
ErPO4 NMNH 168486  
EuPO4 NMNH 168487  
GdPO4 NMNH 168488  
HoPO4 NMNH 168489  
LaPO4 NMNH 168490  
LuPO4 NMNH 168491  
NdPO4 NMNH 168492  
PrPO4 NMNH 168493  
SmPO4 NMNH 168494  
ScPO4 NMNH 168495  
TbPO4 NMNH 168496  
TmPO4 NMNH 168497  
YbPO4 NMNH 168498  
YPO4 NMNH 168499