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Department of Mineral Sciences

Izalco Volcano
Date   Title   Speaker
Sep 12   No seminar scheduled    
Sep 19   Records of Martian Deglaciation and Explosive Lunar Volcanism: Scientific Capabilities at Future Human Exploration Destinations   Erica Jawin
Mineral Sciences
Sep 26   No seminar scheduled    
Oct 3   The 1.5 billion-year construction of a craton   Jesse Reimink
Carnegie DTM
Oct 10   The second kind of impossible: The extraordinary quest for a new form of matter   Paul J. Steinhardt
Princeton University
Oct 17   InSAR: Imaging crustal deformation from space   Mong-Han Huang
University of Maryland
Oct 24   No seminar scheduled    
Oct 31   Submarine volcanic eruptions: Why some rocks float and others sink   Kristen Fauria
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutition
Nov 7   Applications of Raman spectroscopy for fluid and solid inclusions   Lowell Moore & Robert Bodnar
Virginia Tech
Nov 14   Earth’s Inner Core Age and Paleomagnetic Expression   Peter Driscoll
Carnegie DTM
Nov 21   No seminar    
Nov 28   Goodyear meets the Mad Hatter: Innovative composite saxophone mouthpieces of the1920s and their effect on the growth of jazz   Tim Rose
Mineral Sciences
Dec 5   What we know & don’t know about 1I/ʻOumuamua, the 1st detected Interstellar object in the Solar System   Carey Lisse
Dec 12   No seminar scheduled (AGU)    
Dec 19   Rheology of Lava on Europa and the Emergence of Cryovolcanic Domes   Lynnae Quick

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