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Department of Mineral Sciences

Izalco Volcano
Date   Title   Speaker
Sep 6   No seminar scheduled    
Sep 13   Partially molten granites at 500°C? Reimagining crustal magmatism   Michael Ackerson
Carnegie Institution for Science
Sep 20   Primordial heterogeneity, magma oceans, and the origin of Earth's volatiles   Jonathan Tucker
Carnegie Institution for Science
Sep 27   Identifying magnetofossils in the geologic record: Were magnetotactic bacteria the first biomineralizers around?   Ioan Lascu
Mineral Sciences
Oct 4   Trace element diffusion in silicate melts: using atomic scale processes to decode magmatic events   Megan Holycross
Mineral Sciences
Oct 11   GeoPRISMS Technical Lecture: The hottest lavas of the Phanerozoic and the survival of deep Archean reservoirs   Esteban Gazel
Cornell University
Oct 12 4:00 pm
Q?rius Theater
GeoPRISMS Public Lecture: The rocks that joined the Americas: Is there a connection with climate and evolution of life?   Esteban Gazel
Cornell University
Oct 18   No seminar scheduled    
Oct 25   No seminar scheduled    
Nov 1   Early episodes of high-pressure core formation preserved in plume mantle   Colin Jackson
Mineral Sciences
Nov 8   No seminar scheduled    
Nov 15   The Birth of Our Solar System: Then in the Context of Now   Glenn Macpherson
Mineral Sciences
Nov 22   No seminar scheduled    
Nov 29   The structure of Alligator Gar fish scales, centimeters down to nanometers: Extracting evolutionary design principles from bone   Kenneth Livi
Johns Hopkins University
Dec 6   Volatile and redox zoning in the inner Solar System? Reassessment from experiments and MESSENGER data   Asmaa Boujibar
Carnegie Institution for Science
Dec 13   No seminar scheduled    
Dec 20   No seminar scheduled    
Dec 27   No seminar scheduled    

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