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Department of Mineral Sciences

Izalco Volcano

News & Updates

Jan 25 2017

New website: Nicolai Medvedev and the Art of Intarsia.

Aug 11 2016

Spring newsletter posted.

Apr 28 2016

The National Rock & Ore Collection is seeking behind-the-scenes volunteers.

Oct 16 2015

Spring and summer newsletters posted.

Mineral Sciences at NMNH

Seminar Schedule

Sep 13   Partially molten granites at 500°C? Reimagining crustal magmatism   Michael Ackerson
Carnegie Institution for Science
Sep 20   Primordial heterogeneity, magma oceans, and the origin of Earth's volatiles   Jonathan Tucker
Carnegie Institution for Science
Sep 27   Identifying magnetofossils in the geologic record: Were magnetotactic bacteria the first biomineralizers around?   Ioan Lascu
Mineral Sciences
Full seminar schedule

Recent Publications in Mineral Sciences

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