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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Department of Mineral Sciences

Izalco Volcano

Jan 14   Widespread evidence for high-temperature formation of pentlandite in chondrites   Devin Schrader
Smithsonian Institution
Jan 21   Exploring the Redox Paradox of Chromium in Soils Using a Seesaw   Bruce James
University of Maryland
Jan 28   No seminar scheduled    
Feb 4   Volatiles and Magmas: interplay between the structure of silicate melts and the chemical and isotopic speciations of water   Charles Le Losq
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Feb 11   Volcanic processes in the formation of porphyry copper deposits   Steve Sparks
University of Bristol
Feb 18   No seminar scheduled    
Feb 25   Glacial diamictites and the evolving composition of the upper continental crust   Roberta Rudnick
University of Maryland
Mar 4   Geologic controls on phylogeography in the Galapagos   Dennis Geist
NSF/University of Idaho
Mar 11   Minerals on Mars: Analyses and Analogs to Reconstruct Past Environments   Heather Graham
Mar 18   No seminar scheduled    
Mar 25   Biogeochemistry of manganese contamination in the Critical Zone   Elizabeth Herndon
Kent State
Apr 1   Magma Dynamics and Evolution in Continental Arcs: Insights from the Central Andes   Stephanie Grocke
Smithsonian Institution
Apr 8   To be announced   Andy Rivkin
Applied Physics Laboratory,
Johns Hopkins University
Apr 15   No seminar scheduled    
Apr 22   No seminar scheduled    
Apr 29   To be announced   Matthia Pistone
Smithsonian Institution
May 6   To be announced   Ronit Kessel
Carnegie Institution for Science
May 13   To be announced   Jabrane Libidi
Carnegie Institution for Science

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