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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Department of Mineral Sciences

Izalco Volcano
Date   Title   Speaker
Sep 9   Sea Base Travelogue   Tim McCoy
Smithsonian Institution
Sep 16   To be announced   Nicole Luning
Smithsonian Institution
Sep 23   No seminar    
Sep 30   The Thermal Evolution And Dynamics Of Pyroclasts And Pyroclastic Density Currents   Mary Benage
Georgia Tech
Oct 7   Differentiation of arc magmas at the crust-mantle boundary: Constraints from the Kohistan Arc (Pakistan) and experimental petrology   Peter Ulmer
ETH Zürich
Oct 14   Denver Mineral Show and Tell   Division of Mineralogy
Smithsonian Institution
Oct 21   Fate and transport of solutes in asteroidal aquifers   Michael Velbel
Michigan State
Oct 28   Lessons from a restless caldera: multi-parameter studies to understand the past, present and future of volcanic activity at Santorini volcano, Greece   Tamsin Mather
University of Oxford
Nov 4   No seminar (GSA)    
Nov 11   No seminar (Veterans' Day)    
Nov 12 THU
Calculating the dimensions of intrusions at Kilauea volcano, Hawaii   Tom Wright
USGS Emeritus
Nov 18   Origin of the Early Post-Caldera Obsidians of Long Valley Caldera, CA: Evidence for an Abrupt Transition in the Mantle-Derived Source   Laura Waters
Smithsonian Institution
Nov 25   2015 Expedition to the Western Aleutians: A Volcano Photo Essay   Liz Cottrell
Smithsonian Institution
Dec 2   To be announced   Rebecca Fischer
Smithsonian Institution

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