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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Department of Mineral Sciences

Izalco Volcano

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Department Staff

Adam Blankenbicker
Adam Blankenbicker Education Specialist
  • Shared with NMNH Education & Outreach
Timothy Gooding
Timothy Gooding Museum Specialist
Adam Mansur
Joseph Mack Management Support Specialist
Adam Mansur
Adam Mansur IT Specialist
Phyllis McKenzie
Phyllis McKenzie Management Support Assistant
Timothy Rose
Timothy Rose Museum Specialist
  • Manager, Analytical Laboratories

Division of Meteorites

Emma Bullock
Emma Bullock Geochemist
Roy S. Clarke
Roy S. Clarke Geochemist Emeritus
Yulia Goreva
Yulia Goreva Geochemist
Glenn J. MacPherson
Glenn J. MacPherson Senior Geologist
Timothy McCoy
Timothy McCoy Geologist
  • Department Chair
  • Curator-in-Charge - Meteorites
Pamela Salyer
Pamela Salyer Contractor
Devin Schrader
Devin Schrader Postdoctoral Fellow

Division of Mineralogy

Keal Byrne
Keal Byrne Postdoctoral Fellow
Dominique Chaput
Dominique Chaput Postdoctoral Fellow
Russell Feather
Russell Feather Museum Specialist
  • Collection Manager, Gems
Paul Pohwat
Paul Pohwat Museum Specialist
  • Collection Manager, Minerals
Jeffrey Post
Jeffrey Post Geologist
  • Curator-in-Charge - Gems & Minerals
Carla Rosenfeld
Carla Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellow
Cara Santelli
Cara Santelli Geologist
Christine Webb
Christine Webb Contractor
Michael A. Wise
Michael A. Wise Geologist
Jing Zhang
Jing Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow

Division of Petrology & Volcanology

Benjamin Andrews
Benjamin Andrews Geologist
  • Global Volcanism Program
Cathe Brown
Cathe Brown Museum Specialist
Elizabeth Cottrell
Elizabeth Cottrell Geologist
  • Director, Global Volcanism Program
Fred Davis
Fred Davis Postdoctoral Fellow
Richard S. Fiske
Richard S. Fiske Geologist Emeritus
  • Global Volcanism Program
Stephanie Grocke
Stephanie Grocke Postdoctoral Fellow
Leslie Hale
Leslie Hale Museum Specialist
  • Collection Manager, Rocks & Ores
Carter Hearn
Carter Hearn Contractor
Jennifer Jay
Jennifer Jay Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Global Volcanism Program
Marion Le Voyer
Marion Le Voyer Postdoctoral Fellow
Steve Lynton
Steve Lynton Research Collaborator
William G. Melson
William G. Melson Senior Scientist Emeritus
Mattia Pistone
Mattia Pistone Postdoctoral Fellow
Christoph Popp
Christoph Popp Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Global Volcanism Program
Sally Kuhn Sennert
Sally Kuhn Sennert Geologist (USGS)
  • Global Volcanism Program
Sorena S. Sorensen
Sorena S. Sorensen Geologist
  • Curator-in-Charge - Rocks & Ores
Edward Venzke
Edward Venzke Museum Specialist
  • Global Volcanism Program
Laura Waters
Laura Waters Postdoctoral Fellow
Richard Wunderman
Richard Wunderman Museum Specialist
  • Global Volcanism Program

Associates and Affiliates

Jon Castro
Research Associate
Monash University, Australia

Eloise Gaïllou
Research Associate
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Kathryn Gardner-Vandy
Research Associate

Brent Grohcolski
Research Associate
Science Magazine/AAAS

Marianne Guffanti
Research Associate
US Geological Survey

John Haynes
Research Associate
James Madison University

Marina Ivanova
Research Associate
Vernadsky Institute, Russia

Elizabeth Johnson
Research Associate
James Madison University

Gari Mayberry
Research Associate
US Geological Survey

Bill Leeman
Research Associate
National Science Foundation

Sarah Penniston-Dorland
Research Associate
University of Maryland

Mariek Schmidt
Research Associate
Brock University

Lee Siebert
Research Associate
Smithsonain Institution

Michael Velbel
Research Associate
Michigan State University

Ed Vicenzi
Department Affiliate
Smithsonian Institution

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